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At Eliza Infotech, we aim to make business success inevitable by providing solutions to complex technology challenges hampering operations, efficiency and growth. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Panipat, our passionate team of certified experts empowers organizations across manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, real estate and hospitality to get the most from their technology investments.

Whether you are looking to establish an online presence, implement high-speed networking infrastructure, ramp up digital marketing or deploy advanced surveillance systems – we are your ideal technology partner supporting end-to-end planning, deployment and management.

With over 150 successfully delivered projects, our Panipat-based specialists have the expertise to create tailored solutions centered around your specific business goals and audience. Read on to know how we can accelerate your success.

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Website Design & Development Services Tailored to Fuel Business Growth

A well-crafted website allows you to engage customers 24/7/365, establish credibility, outrank competitors and generate qualified leads consistently. But designing an effective website requires deep expertise.

With over 100 successful websites designed for satisfied clients in 5+ years, our talented team of website designers, developers and digital marketing experts based in Panipat has the skills needed to craft conversion-focused websites tailored to your unique requirements.

CCTV and IP Surveillance Systems:

In today's connected world, deploying reliable, high-speed network connectivity and surveillance systems is crucial for growing enterprises seeking to leverage technology for efficiency and edge.

Custom security system design and installation for premises of any size
Latest wired and wireless camera options from HikVision, Dahua, CP Plus etc.
Centralized monitoring, remote access and smart video analytics integration
Proactive maintenance for maximized uptime and prompt issue resolution

FTTH and Network Infrastructure Deployment:

Supply of authorized FTTH equipment - OLT, ONT, Splicing Machines, Optical Cables etc.

Network design, deployment and troubleshooting for ISPs, campuses and other clients

Ensuring compatibility with various network standards like BSNL, RailTel etc.

Local and Global Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization - Improving organic rankings and visibility
Pay Per Click Advertising - Targeted promotions to reach potential customers
Social Media Marketing - Expanding your brand's presence and engagement
Content Marketing - Building authority through blogs, guides, videos etc.
SMS, Email and Messenger Marketing - Nurturing leads and driving repeat sales
Conversion Tracking and Analytics - Identifying optimization areas through data

Website Design and Development

website design and development services

Eliza Infotech offers full-cycle website design and development services to help businesses in Panipat establish a strong online presence that attracts qualified traffic and converts visitors.

Their team of expert website designers, developers and project managers based in Panipat focuses on deeply understanding each client’s specific business goals, offerings, target audience and industry to craft customized website solutions tailored to their needs.

The website design process followed involves:

  • Initial strategy workshops to align on client goals, key pages, site map and target audience personas.
  • Creative conceptualization focused on designing an engaging user experience that reflects the brand identity accurately.
  • Development of information architecture and wireframes that outline the optimal website structure and user flows.
  • Visual design of home page layouts and interior pages based on approved IA using latest trends while keeping optimization best practices in mind.
  • Development of front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.) and back-end code integrating CMS (WordPress, Shopify, etc.) as needed.
  • Comprehensive testing across browsers, devices, and user scenarios along with fixing of identified issues.
  • Final content (text, images, videos) incorporation, hosting set up and launch.

Some key website development capabilities and expertise of Eliza Infotech include:

  • Custom web design crafted specifically for each client rather than using templates
  • Programming semantic, accessible and SEO-friendly websites for ranking success
  • Integrating lead generation features like contact forms, live chat, appointment booking, etc.
  • Building complex web applications for inventory management, dashboards etc.
  • Deploying e-commerce stores with payment gateway and shipping integrations
  • Ensuring website UI/UX is optimized for maximum user engagement and conversions

Eliza Infotech has designed and built over 100 responsive websites across niches like healthcare, retail, financial services, real estate, hospitality, etc. for businesses in Panipat. Our award-winning portfolio reflects their skill in creating unique digital experiences specialized for each client’s needs.

Digital Marketing Services

digital marketing services

Eliza Infotech offers end-to-end digital marketing services focused on increasing qualified website traffic, generating more leads, building brand visibility and driving conversions for businesses in target regions including Panipat.

Our structured approach involves:

  • In-depth audience, competitor and keyword analysis to devise data-backed strategies.
  • Optimizing website content and technical SEO for ranking higher organically on search engines.
  • Planning and managing paid advertising campaigns across Google, Facebook etc. to reach relevant audiences.
  • Expanding social media reach and engagement through content creation and community management.
  • Building email and SMS nurturing funnels to generate leads and repeat sales.
  • Leveraging marketing automation to send personalized communication at scale.
  • Converting website visitors into leads and customers through dedicated conversion rate optimization.

As a ROI-focused digital marketing agency, Eliza Infotech tracks key metrics across website traffic, rankings, leads, sales etc. to continuously optimize and improve campaign performance.

Our integrated strategies encompassing content, social, search, and paid channels have delivered proven results for over 150 businesses across Panipat and nearby regions. Some highlights include:

  • Increased qualified website traffic by 50-60% within 6 months for 38% of clients
  • Generated 2-3X more leads consistently from digital channels for 53% of clients
  • Grew revenue through digital channels by 15-25% month-on-month for 82% of clients
  • Achieved and sustained 1st page rankings for critical organic search keywords among 68% of clients

Our digital marketing expertise spans across sectors like healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality and retail.

Networking and Connectivity Solutions

FTTH (Fiber to the home), networking and connectivity solutions by eliza infotech

Eliza Infotech offers end-to-end services for planning, supply, installation, integration and maintenance of networking and connectivity infrastructure for enterprises.

Our certified team of network engineers and technicians based in Panipat and Delhi-NCR possess in-depth expertise with technologies like:

  • FTTH network rollouts – architecture design, equipment supply and installation, troubleshooting etc.
  • WiFi network deployment for office campuses, hotels etc.
  • LAN/WAN implementation – cabling, rack setup, switching, routing etc.
  • Network security – firewalls, VPN, content filtering and endpoint protection.
  • IP telephony and video conferencing solutions.

Eliza Infotech is an authorized partner for leading brands offering networking equipment like Huawei, D-Link, Netgear, Syrotech, Cisco etc. This enables them to provide quality hardware for building reliable, high-speed and secure enterprise networks.

Some key networking services offered by Eliza Infotech include:

  • Large scale FTTH deployment for ISPs – includes laying fiber, supply and installation of OLTs, ONTs, routers.
  • Design and roll out WiFi networks with optimal signal coverage for campus/office needs
  • Deployment of LAN, WAN and VPN for secure connectivity across branches
  • Network performance monitoring, optimization and troubleshooting
  • Technology integration services for unified data, voice and video communication
  • Supply of switches, routers, transceivers, connectors and all allied networking equipment

With over 50 enterprise networking projects executed successfully, Eliza Infotech helps clients adopt the latest wired and wireless connectivity to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Surveillance and Access Control Solutions

customized security solutions including CCTV surveillance systems, access control and smart monitoring technology for securing residential, commercial and enterprise premises

Eliza Infotech offers customized security solutions including CCTV surveillance systems, access control and smart monitoring technology for securing residential, commercial and enterprise premises in Panipat.

Our end-to-end services span:

  • Initial site evaluation to analyze security needs and risks.
  • Customized design of surveillance system architecture with optimal camera placement.
  • Timely supply and installation of authorized cameras, NVRs, wiring and allied equipment.
  • Configuration of centralized monitoring, recording schedules and remote access.
  • Integration with smart video analytics for alerts and insights.
  • Testing and commissioning of the implemented security system.
  • Imparting training to administrators and building staff on usage and management.
  • After deployment support through AMCs, upgrades and maintenance.

As an authorized partner for leading brands like HikVision, Dahua and CP Plus, Eliza Infotech deploys high-quality cameras, NVRs and necessary hardware. Their solution engineering focuses on maximum coverage, redundancy and cyber security.

Eliza Infotech has extensive experience securing various premises with sizes ranging from 2,000 sq.ft homes to 50,000 sq.ft office complexes using appropriate wired, wireless and CCTV technologies. Their surveillance expertise helps clients deter threats and crime while improving safety.

Their access control solutions using RFID, biometrics etc. further bolster physical security allowing customized access policies to be enforced. Video analytics integration enables powerful capabilities like people counting, crowd monitoring, object removal alerts etc. tailored as per client needs.

In summary, Eliza Infotech delivers vital technology services spanning website design, digital marketing, networking, connectivity and surveillance solutions that form the foundation for secure and efficient business operations in the digital age. Their expertise helps clients extract maximal value from their technology investments.

Why Choose Eliza Infotech as Your Technology Partner?

With a customer-focused team of solutions experts available for you in Panipat, choosing Eliza Infotech for your technology needs comes with compelling benefits:

⭐ Local Expertise: Our Panipat-based team understands the local audience, competition and delivers tailored solutions.

⭐ Single Point of Contact: One technology partner for diverse solutions – digital marketing, networking, surveillance and beyond.

⭐ ROI and Results Driven: We are transparent about our pricing and focused on maximizing client returns from technology investment.

⭐ Customer Success: Your growth and technology adoption are our guiding metrics. We are committed to becoming your trusted advisor.

⭐ Hands-on Experience: 5+ years and 150+ projects. We bring proven expertise along with passion.

⭐ Ethical and Compliance: All our solutions adhere fully to laws, regulations and use ethical means.

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