ONT/ONU (Optical Network Terminal/Optical Network Unit)

An Optical Network Terminal or Optical Network Unit also called ONT/ONU, is a crucial component in Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks. It serves as the endpoint device that connects the optical fiber network to the customer premises. ONTs/ONUs are responsible for converting the optical signals from the fiber optic cable into electrical signals that can be used by consumer devices like routers, modems, TVs, and phones. They also convert the electrical signals from these devices into optical signals to be transmitted back over the fiber network.

This category on Ftth Distributors lists a wide range of ONT/ONU models from leading manufacturers like Syrotech. Browse through different types like GPON, EPON, XPON ONTs, as well as specialized Voice Calling ONTs that enable VoIP services over fiber. Find ONTs/ONUs with varied capabilities – supporting data, voice, video, Wi-Fi, ethernet ports and more.

For EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) deployments, check out our range of high-performance EPON ONUs. These device terminates the EPON fiber link and present Ethernet interfaces to the customer premises equipment like routers and modems. Popular EPON ONU models include the Syrotech SYR-ONU-EP11 and others from reputed brands.

If you are building an XPON (Either GPON or EPON) network, consider the advanced XPON ONT modems and routers listed. XPON ONT modems integrate ONT functionality with a residential gateway/router while XPON ONT routers combine ONT with routing capabilities. Top XPON ONT modem choices include models like the Syrotech XMSFP-241AN and more.

For GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks), we offer a diverse selection of GPON ONTs supporting voice, data and video services over the fiber network. Look for Class A and Class B GPON ONTs, outdoor/indoor ONTs, Wi-Fi/non-Wi-Fi variants and more product options.

Compare ONTs/ONUs basis specifications like bandwidth (1GE, 2.5G, 10G), interface types (POTS, Ethernet, WiFi, USB, RF Video), powering options (AC/DC/Reverse Power), mounting styles and other features to find the right fit.

When it comes to pricing, Ftth Distributors offers highly competitive ONT/ONU prices from trusted dealers across India. Get the latest ONT price for residential, business or hybrid ONTs as per your requirements. XPON ONT modem prices are also listed upfront so you can easily filter and compare models.

All listed ONT/ONU products come from verified dealers ensuring you get genuine, high-quality equipment. Detailed product descriptions, datasheets, technical specifications and latest pricing information is available to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

So whether you need basic ONTs for triple-play services or advanced multi-port, multi-gigabit ONUs with higher bandwidth, voice/video capabilities, this category has you covered from trusted sources like Syrotech and other leading brands.

Browse ONTs by technology (GPON/EPON/XPON), by type (data/voice/video), by interfaces (Ethernet/POTS/WiFi/RF Video), by powering options and more insightful filters. With a vast selection at your fingertips, find and buy the perfect ONT/ONU to power your fiber broadband services reliably and cost-effectively.

Ftth Distributors makes it convenient to source future-proof FTTH equipment like ONTs/ONUs from credible vendors across India. Get genuine products, transparent pricing and timely doorstep delivery when you purchase through our trusted platform. Leverage our wide catalog spanning ONTs/ONUs to fiber cables, OLTs, splitters and all fiber network essentials from a single reliable source.

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