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HIKVISION CCTV 2MP Analog 8-Camera Setup in Panipat – Surveillance Package

Hikvision CCTV 2MP Analog 8-Camera Setup in Panipat

Safeguard your property with our advanced Hikvision CCTV 2MP Analog 8-Camera Setup. This comprehensive package includes:

  • An 8-channel DVR with a 2-year warranty
  • Eight high-quality bullet/dome cameras equipped with microphones
  • A power supply for 8 channels
  • A 1TB hard disk with a 2-year warranty
  • A set of 24 BNC/DC connectors
  • Durable PVC boxes
  • Ample 3+1 wire for secure connections
  • An HDMI cable
  • LAN cable
  • 2U rack
  • and professional installation services.
  • Take advantage of our 2-year warranty covering the cameras,
  • DVR, and
  • Hard disk.
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Hikvision CCTV Camera solution

Protect your Panipat property with the ultimate Hikvision CCTV 2MP Analog 8-camera Setup. This comprehensive package offers a complete CCTV solution with all the necessary components.

Included Items:

  1. 8-Channel DVR with 2-Year Warranty: Our DVR features 2MP regular quality and offers 8 channels for comprehensive surveillance.
  2. High-Quality Bullet/Dome Cameras with Microphones (8): These cameras come with built-in microphones, enabling audio and video recording.
  3. Power Supply for 8 Channels: Ensure a stable power source for your entire CCTV system.
  4. 1TB HDD with 2-Year Warranty: This hard disk provides ample storage for video footage and comes with a 2-year warranty.
  5. Connectors (24): Included BNC/DC connectors facilitate seamless connections within your CCTV network.
  6. PVC Boxes (8): These sturdy PVC boxes safeguard your equipment against environmental factors, ensuring longevity.
  7. 3+1 Wire (220): This 3+1 wire is crucial for establishing secure connections within your CCTV system.
  8. HDMI Cable (5m): Use this high-quality HDMI cable for connecting your CCTV system to display devices.
  9. LAN Cable: A reliable LAN cable for network connectivity is included in the package.
  10. 2U Rack: Safely store your equipment with this 2U rack.
  11. Professional Installation (2 Days): Our experts will install and configure your CCTV system, ensuring it functions flawlessly.

Payment Terms:

  • 40% Advance Payment: An initial payment is required before the installation process begins.
  • Installation Duration: Installation is expected to take 1-2 working days to complete.
  • Remaining Payment: The remaining 60% of the payment should be made upon successful installation.

Total Cost: The SUB-TOTAL for this package is INR 28,630.

Note: Prices are exclusive of GST, with an additional 18% on the GST invoice. This package also includes a 2-year warranty for the cameras, DVR, and hard disk.

Protect your property with this comprehensive Hikvision CCTV solution from Eliza Infotech in Panipat.


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