GOMC-1312-SFP 1000M SFP slot media converter are effective solution, while uplink interface upgrade or
network re-design. It can implement date transmission between twisted pair electrical signals and optical
signals (SFP module)

  • Network Extension: Easily extend network connectivity up to 20km with this fiber media converter.
  • Speed and Versatility: Supports 10/100/1000Mbps network speeds and is compatible with various data transmission modes.
  • Advanced Features: Auto-sensing, full-duplex, half-duplex, VLAN, VoIP, and QoS support for efficient data handling.
  • Reliable and Energy-Efficient: Low power consumption, stable performance, and multiple installation options make it perfect for diverse setups.


The Syrotech GOMC-1312-20 Fiber Media Converter is a versatile and high-performance solution designed to enhance network connectivity, especially over extended distances. This converter is a reliable choice for businesses and individuals looking to expand their network reach without compromising on speed and performance.

Network Extension: One of the standout features of the GOMC-1312-20 is its ability to extend network connectivity up to 20 kilometers. This remarkable range is achieved through dual fiber optic connections, which offer a significant improvement over traditional copper cables, limited to just 100 meters. This extended reach is ideal for situations where network expansion is necessary, especially in large office spaces, data centers, or areas with challenging installation requirements.

Speed and Versatility: This media converter supports network speeds of 10/100/1000Mbps. This flexibility ensures that it can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of network environments, including those with varying data transmission requirements. Whether your network demands high-speed data transfer or is better suited for standard 10/100Mbps, the GOMC-1312-20 has you covered.

Advanced Features: The Syrotech GOMC-1312-20 offers an array of advanced features to optimize your network performance. It includes support for both full-duplex and half-duplex modes, automatically sensing the appropriate mode for the connected devices. The device features MDI/MDI-X Auto Negotiation, further ensuring seamless compatibility.

In addition, it supports packet sizes up to 1518 bytes, including 9K Jumbo Frame. This expanded capacity is particularly beneficial when handling larger data packets or when optimizing network performance for specific applications such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or QoS (Quality of Service).

Reliable and Energy-Efficient: The GOMC-1312-20 is engineered to deliver both reliability and energy efficiency. It has extremely low power consumption, which not only conserves energy but also ensures stable performance. This means you can confidently deploy this media converter in your network without worrying about excessive heat generation or performance hiccups.

Installation Options: To further enhance its versatility, the GOMC-1312-20 offers various installation options. You can choose between Desktop, Wall-mounted, Chassis, and DIN-rail installation methods based on your specific setup and space constraints.

In conclusion, the Syrotech GOMC-1312-20 Fiber Media Converter is a dependable solution for extending your network’s reach while maintaining high-speed data transmission. With advanced features, compatibility with various network modes, and the ability to operate efficiently in different environments, this converter is a valuable addition to any network setup.

Product Table:

Feature Specification
Brand Syrotech
Network Speed 10/100/1000M
Application Optical Communication
Color Black
Warranty 1 year
Material Powder Coated Metal Body
Fiber Port 1
Distance 20 km
Copper Port 1
Frequency 1310nm
Ports Type SC
Model No GOMC-1312-20
Optical Wavelengths 1310nm
Optical Connectors SC
Fiber Types Single Mode
Optical Fiber Single Mode Dual Fiber


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