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  • The GEPON-4 OLT-L3 is a compact and high-performance Optical Line Terminal (OLT).
  • It offers 4 GE copper ports and 4 independent SFP/SFP+ slots for flexible connectivity.
  • With 4 dedicated EPON OLT ports, it can support up to 256 ONUs under a 1:64 splitter ratio.
  • This OLT supports a variety of applications, including “Triple-Play,” VPN, IP Camera, and Enterprise LAN.
  • It features Layer 2 switch configuration, Multicast support, and Layer 3 routing capabilities.
  • The OLT supports SNMP, Telnet, and CLI for efficient management.
  • Its long transmission distance of up to 20KM makes it suitable for various network designs.
  • It complies with IEEE802.3ah standards and provides specialized designs for system breakdown prevention.
  • The GEPON-4 OLT-L3 is a cost-effective and versatile solution for modern networking needs.

The Syrotech GEPON-4 OLT-L3 (SY-GOPON-4OLT-L3) is a high-performance optical line terminal designed for modern networking demands. Its compact 1U height, 19-inch rack-mountable form factor conceals a powerful and flexible solution suitable for a variety of applications.

This Optical Line Terminal (OLT) is ideal for deployment in compact room environments, making it perfect for scenarios where space is at a premium. With the ability to provide a comprehensive set of services, including “Triple-Play,” VPN, IP Camera support, Enterprise LAN, and ICT applications, the GEPON-4 OLT-L3 is a versatile choice for businesses, service providers, and network administrators.

What sets this OLT apart are its numerous features:

– 4GE (Copper): This OLT comes equipped with four copper Gigabit Ethernet ports that ensure high-speed connectivity for your network.

– 4 SFP/4 SFP+ Slots: For flexible and independent uplink options, this OLT features four SFP and SFP+ slots.

– 4 EPON OLT Ports: These dedicated EPON OLT ports provide downstream connectivity, catering to a wide range of subscriber units.

– High Splitting Ratio: The GEPON-4 OLT-L3 can support up to 256 Optical Network Units (ONUs) under a 1:64 splitter ratio. This means that it’s suitable for scenarios where multiple endpoints require efficient data delivery.

Its management ports include 110/100BASE-T out-band port and 1CONSOLE port, facilitating easy configuration and monitoring.

The PON (Passive Optical Network) ports offer symmetrical 1.25Gbps speeds, with a TX wavelength of 1490nm and RX wavelength of 1310nm. The OLT supports a maximum splitting ratio of 1:64, making it well-suited for various network designs.

In terms of management, the GEPON-4 OLT-L3 supports SNMP, Telnet, and Command Line Interface (CLI) for easy administration. It provides features like fan group detection, port status monitoring, and configuration management. Additionally, it offers Layer 2 switch configuration options including VLAN, Trunk, RSTP, IGMP, QOS, and more, making it an excellent choice for enterprise networks.

With support for Multicast, IGMP snooping, and DHCP services, this OLT ensures that the needs of a wide range of network applications are met. It also features Layer 3 routing capabilities, including ARP proxy and static route support.

The OLT’s EPON functionality is top-notch. It offers port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control, in compliance with the IEEE802.3ah standard. Its transmission distance can reach up to 20KM, providing connectivity over extended distances. Additionally, the OLT supports data encryption, multicast, port VLAN separation, RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol), and more, enhancing network security and stability.

This OLT also features specialized designs for system breakdown prevention, ensuring a stable and reliable network. It’s capable of dynamic distance calculation on the Element Management System (EMS) online and supports RSTP and IGMP Proxy for efficient network management.

In summary, the Syrotech GEPON-4 OLT-L3 (SY-GOPON-4OLT-L3) is a comprehensive, high-performance optical line terminal designed for compact deployments. With its impressive feature set, it caters to various applications, offers high data rates, and ensures reliability and scalability. It’s a cost-effective solution for modern networking needs.


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