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Product Specification:

The SY-GPON-8OLT is designed with the following specifications:

Specification Details
Chassis 1U 19-inch rack-mountable design
Slots 1*10 Gigabit uplink card slot, 2 power module slots
Uplink Port 8 Copper 10/100/1000M auto-negotiable
  8 SFP slots (1000BASE-TX interface)
  2 SFP+ ports (optional)
PON Port 8 ports with SFP slots (ITU-T G.984.2 Class B+)
Max Splitting Ratio 1:128
Management Ports 1 10BASE-TX out-band port
  1 CONSOLE port
PON Port Specification Transmission Distance: 20KM
  Downstream Data Rate: 2.5Gbps
  Upstream Data Rate: 1.25Gbps
  Wavelength: 1490nm TX, 1310nm RX
  Connector: SC
  Fiber Type: 9/125μm SMF
  TX Power: +1.5?+5dBm
  Rx Sensitivity: -28dBm
  Saturation Optical Power: -8dBm
Management Mode SNMP, Telnet, CLI
Management Function Various management functions including configuration
  management, performance statistics, and more.
Dimension 440mm (L) * 391mm (W) * 44mm (H)
Weight 4kg
Power Supply 220VAC AC: 90V?240V, 47/63Hz
  -48DC DC: -36V?-72V
Power Consumption 65W
Operating Environment Working Temperature: 0?50?
  Storage Temperature: -40?85?
  Relative Humidity: 5?90% (non-condensing)

Product Overview:

Syrotech Networks Ltd. presents the SY-GPON-8OLT, a cutting-edge GPON OLT (Gigabit Passive Optical Network Optical Line Terminal) designed to meet the growing demands of modern network infrastructures. This OLT complies with ITU G.984.x and FSAN standards, making it a reliable and high-performance solution for various networking applications.

The SY-GPON-8OLT is a 1U rack-mountable device equipped with 8 PON ports, 8 GE (Gigabit Ethernet) uplink optic ports, and 8 GE uplink electric ports. It boasts a maximum optical coupling ratio of 1:128, which translates to support for up to 1024 GPON ONTs (Optical Network Terminals). With a 2.5Gbps downlink and 1.25Gbps uplink bandwidth, this OLT is a powerhouse in a compact design, offering flexibility and ease of deployment.

This OLT is tailored to meet the performance and space constraints of room environments, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including residential optical access networks, video surveillance networks, enterprise networks, and the Internet of network applications. Whether you’re enhancing your “triple-play” services, improving network reliability, or reducing power consumption, the SY-GPON-8OLT is well-suited to meet your networking needs.

Product Features:

  • Standards Compliance: The SY-GPON-8OLT adheres to ITU-T G.984/G.988 standards and Telecom industry GPON standards, ensuring seamless integration into existing network environments.

  • OMCI Remote Management: It supports OMCI (ONT Management and Control Interface) remote management of ONT/ONU (Optical Network Unit), compatible with ITU-984.4 OMCI protocol. This simplifies device management and monitoring.

  • Compact Design: This standalone 1U device is thoughtfully designed with a compact form factor, making it easy to integrate into network setups with limited space.

  • Abundant Ports: With 8 GPON ports, 8 GE uplink optic ports, 8 GE uplink electric ports, and the option for 2*10Gigabit SFP+ uplink ports, the SY-GPON-8OLT offers exceptional connectivity options.

  • Scalability: Each PON port supports up to 128 ONTs, allowing for a total of 1024 ONTs per chassis. This scalability ensures support for growing network demands.

  • Redundant Power: The OLT supports dual power supply redundancy, allowing for both 220VAC and -48VDC power configurations. This redundancy enhances network reliability.

  • Layer 2 Switching: With robust Layer 2 switching capabilities, this OLT supports functions like VLANs, port speed configuration, queue management, flow control, and ACL (Access Control List) capabilities.

Network Application:

The SY-GPON-8OLT serves as a versatile solution for a wide range of network applications, including FTTH (Fiber to the Home) deployments, GPON access networks, and Wi-Fi coverage enhancements.

Ordering Information:

For product details and inquiries, please contact Syrotech Networks Ltd.

The SY-GPON-8OLT is the ideal solution for businesses and service providers seeking a high-performance GPON OLT that complies with industry standards and offers scalability, reliability, and flexibility. With a compact design and powerful features, it’s well-suited for a variety of networking applications.


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