EXFO Optical Power Expert – Optical Power Meter

The EXFO Optical Power Expert is a state-of-the-art optical power meter that’s designed for versatile use across various telecom networks. With a wavelength range of 1600 nm and a large 2.8-inch display, this optical power meter offers precision and clarity. It’s compatible with single-mode and multi-mode fibers, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from PON (GPON, XGS-PON, NG‑PON2, RFoG) to CWDM and DWDM ITU channels.

Key Features:

  • Wavelength Range: 1600 nm
  • Display Size: 2.8 inches
  • Measurement Resolution: 10 to -70dBm / 26 to -50dBm
  • Model Name/Number: Optical Power Expert
  • Number Of Selectable Wavelengths: 780 to 1650 nm
  • Fiber Type: Single Mode/Multi Mode
  • Photo Diode: InGaAs

The EXFO Optical Power Expert is your reliable solution for tasks across various telecom networks, including PON, 5G rollouts, FTTx, LAN/WAN access and enterprise setups, CATV, and even military applications. Its state-of-the-art features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, a wide touchscreen, and exceptional optical performance, make it an essential tool in a compact, pocket-sized form factor. This power meter is ready to use instantly, whether you’re in the field or on the go.

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The EXFO Optical Power Expert is a high-performance optical power meter that caters to the needs of modern telecom networks. With a wavelength range of 1600 nm, this meter is well-equipped to handle a wide variety of applications, ensuring precise and reliable measurements.

One of its standout features is the 2.8-inch display, which provides a clear and detailed view of the measurements, making it easy to work with. The measurement resolution of 10 to -70dBm / 26 to -50dBm ensures accuracy even in demanding optical setups.

The model, known as the Optical Power Expert, is versatile in its support for different wavelengths, with a range from 780 to 1650 nm. Additionally, it’s compatible with both single-mode and multi-mode fibers, offering flexibility for various network types.

The use cases for this optical power meter are diverse and include passive optical networks (PON), 5G rollouts, FTTx deployments, LAN/WAN access, enterprise networks, CATV setups, and even military applications. This broad range of applications showcases its adaptability and utility in various scenarios.

What sets the EXFO Optical Power Expert apart is its state-of-the-art features. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for seamless data transfer and control. The wide touchscreen simplifies navigation and operation. Furthermore, it boasts best-in-class optical performance, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your measurements.


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