Syrotech PON SFP for EPON OLT (Model: GOXS-BI4312-20PON+++)


Short Description:

Syrotech’s GOXS-BI4312-20PON+++ is a high-performance PON SFP module designed for EPON OLT systems. It offers exceptional features and specifications to ensure reliable and efficient data transmission. Key attributes include a 1.25Gbps data rate, advanced wavelength technology, reset-less burst-mode receiver, high average launch optical power, and a wide operating temperature range. This SFP module complies with industry safety and standards, making it a dependable choice for EPON networks.

Key Points:

  • Supports 1.25Gbps data rate for efficient data transmission.
  • Equipped with a continuous-mode DFB laser transmitter at 1490nm and burst-mode APD-TIA receiver at 1310nm.
  • Features a reset-less burst-mode receiver for simplified system design.
  • Offers a high average launch optical power ranging from +5 to +7dBm.
  • Boasts a wide dynamic range of more than 25dB to handle varying signal strengths.
  • Designed to operate effectively in a temperature range from 0 to 70°C.
  • Provides digital diagnostic monitoring and a burst RSSI function to monitor optical power levels.
  • Offers LVPECL compatible data input/output interfaces.
  • Complies with safety standards, including IEC-60825 Class I Laser Safety.
  • Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (GEPON) applications.

Syrotech’s GOXS-BI4312-20PON+++ is a reliable and high-performance PON SFP module that ensures efficient data transmission and network connectivity for EPON OLT systems.


Syrotech PON SFP for EPON OLT (Model: GOXS-BI4312-20PON+++)

Upgrade your network infrastructure with Syrotech’s cutting-edge PON SFP module designed for EPON OLT systems. This high-performance SFP module offers a wide range of features and specifications to ensure reliable data transmission and network connectivity.

Key Features:

  1. Single Fiber Bi-Directional Data Links: This SFP module supports symmetric 1.25Gbps data application with single fiber bi-directional data links. It ensures efficient and balanced data transfer.

  2. Advanced Wavelength Technology: Equipped with a 1490nm continuous-mode DFB laser transmitter and 1310nm burst-mode APD-TIA receiver, this module ensures precise and high-quality data transmission.

  3. Reset-Less Burst-Mode Receiver: The reset-less burst-mode receiver simplifies the system design, making it more efficient and reliable.

  4. High Average Launch Optical Power: With a high average launch optical power ranging from +5 to +7dBm, this module guarantees strong signal transmission.

  5. Wide Dynamic Range: Boasting a dynamic range of more than 25dB, it can handle various signal strengths and environmental conditions.

  6. Wide Operating Temperature Range: This module is designed to operate efficiently in a temperature range from 0 to 70°C, making it suitable for diverse environments.

  7. Digital Diagnostic Monitoring: It features a digital diagnostic monitoring interface that allows you to monitor its performance effectively.

  8. Burst RSSI Function: The digital burst RSSI function helps monitor the input optical power level, ensuring signal quality.

  9. Data Interface Compatibility: This module offers LVPECL compatible data input/output interfaces, providing versatile compatibility.

  10. Transmitter Control: It includes LVTTL transmitter disable control and laser fault alarm features for added control and monitoring.

  11. Safety Standards: Compliant with Class I laser safety standard IEC-60825, this module prioritizes safety in its design.

  12. EPON Standards: This PON SFP module is suitable for Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (GEPON) applications with a 20km 1:32 or 10/20km 1:64 configuration.

  13. Industry Standards: It complies with various industry standards, including SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) SFF-8074i, IEEE 802.3ah-2004, FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Class B, SFF-8472 Rev 9.5, and FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11, except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No 50, dated June 24, 2007.

Syrotech’s GOXS-BI4312-20PON+++ PON SFP module combines cutting-edge technology with adherence to safety and industry standards, ensuring a reliable and high-performance solution for your EPON OLT systems. Upgrade your network with Syrotech’s PON SFP module and experience enhanced data transmission and network efficiency.


Syrotech PON SFP for EPON OLT (Model: GOXS-BI4312-20PON+++)

Feature Specification
Data Rate 1.25Gbps
Wavelength TX 1490nm, RX 1310nm
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 70°C
Power Supply Single 3.3V
Dynamic Range More than 25dB
Safety Standards IEC-60825 Class I Laser Safety Standard
Fiber Type G.652
Burst-mode Receiver Reset-less burst mode
Laser Transmitter 1490nm continuous-mode DFB laser
Burst-mode Receiver 1310nm burst-mode APD-TIA
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Supported
Burst RSSI Function Included for input optical power level
Data Interface Compatibility LVPECL compatible data I/O interfaces


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