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Syrotech Optical Power Meter – Specifications, Prices, Dealers – Where to Buy?

Getting Accurate Fiber Optic Power Measurements with the Syrotech OPM

Syrotech Optical Power Meter With VFL ( SY-OPMV-V10)

As fiber networks expand globally, having the right test tools for installation and maintenance is crucial. A key instrument for taking power level measurements on fiber links is the optical power meter (OPM). This allows technicians to verify signal transmission and pinpoint issues.

Syrotech offers a range of rugged, portable OPMs for field and lab use. In this post, we’ll examine the features and capabilities of their OPM optical power meter.

Overview of Fiber Optic Power Measurements

Optical power is a key performance metric in fiber optic networks. It represents the signal strength being transmitted over the link. The OPM can measure power at either end of a fiber to:

  • Verify acceptable launch power from transmitters
  • Detect receiver sensitivity and overload thresholds
  • Calculate optical loss for the link by comparing transmit and receive power levels
  • Identify power fluctuations indicating damage or dirty connectors
  • Confirm compliance with established power budgets
  • Determine adequacy for future network upgrades and capacity expansion

Having an accurate and reliable OPM is indispensable for taking power measurements during activation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrades. It’s an essential tool that pays for itself through improved network performance and uptime.

Introducing the Syrotech OPM

Syrotech offers a wide portfolio of active and passive fiber optic equipment for access, metro, and backbone networks. Their OPM is an affordable yet high-performance portable optical power meter suitable for field and lab testing.

Here are some key features that make the Syrotech OPM ideal for telecom, CATV, enterprise, and data center fiber networks:

  • Wide 800-1700nm measurement range covers common network wavelengths
  • Large backlit LCD display for clear readings in any environment
  • Intuitive user interface and buttons for straightforward operation
  • Interchangeable FC, SC, and ST connector adapters
  • +/- 5% measurement accuracy exceeds requirements for most applications
  • Handheld, lightweight design with protective holster for portability
  • Operates on easily obtainable AA batteries

Now let’s take a deeper look at the OPM’s specifications and usage in fiber networks.

Specifications of the Syrotech Optical Power Meter

Here are the key specifications for Syrotech’s OPM that enable precise fiber optic power measurements:

Wavelength Range: 800-1700nm

Covering short-wave, long-wave, and extended long-wave bands used in common networks.

Detector: InGaAs

Indium Gallium Arsenide provides excellent responsivity over the full wavelength range.

Measurement Range: -50 to +26 dBm

Sufficient for testing transmitters, receivers, and links with high dynamic range.

Uncertainty: ± 5%

Provides highly accurate measurements for verification and troubleshooting.

Calibrated Wavelengths: 850nm, 980nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm

Encompasses standard FTTx, metro, CWDM, DWDM, and optical amplifier bands.

Resolution: 0.01 dB

Allows detection of small power variations that may indicate issues.

Optical Interface: Interchangeable FC, SC, ST

Supports common network connector types.

Power Supply: 2x AA 1.5V batteries

Easily obtained batteries provide 240 hours of continuous operation.

Auto-off: After 10 minutes of inactivity

Saves battery life.

Operating Temperature: -10 to +60°C

Performs reliably in varied environmental conditions.

Storage Temperature: -40 to +70°C

Withstands temperature extremes when not in use.

Dimensions/Weight: 175x82x33mm / 310g

Compact and lightweight for portability.

With its broad wavelength coverage, high accuracy, and field-friendly design, the Syrotech OPM provides an ideal fiber test tool for today’s high-speed networks.

Typical Applications in Fiber Optic Networks

The Syrotech OPM enables technicians to efficiently verify power levels for faster deployment, activation, and troubleshooting across many types of networks:

  • FTTx Access Networks – Test PON power budgets, identify splitter losses, and troubleshoot OLTs and ONTs.
  • Long Haul and Metro – Validate router, transponder, and amplifier power levels, and perform loss measurements on fiber spans.
  • Data Centers – Measure power on switch interfaces, patch panels, DACs, and other interconnects. Verify loss budgets.
  • CATV/HFC – Check transmitters, EDFAs, and receivers, and test for excessive loss at nodes and amplifiers.
  • Telecom Central Offices – Monitor power from DWDM muxes, routers, optical cross-connects, and patch panels.
  • Enterprise/LAN – Validate power from media converters, fiber switches, and other connectivity. Troubleshoot issues.
  • Optical Component Manufacturing – Test output power and loss on devices like splitters, couplers, and WDMs.

The Syrotech OPM’s capabilities make it indispensable for field engineers, central office technicians, data center staff, and manufacturing personnel working with fiber optics.

Getting Accurate Measurements

While the Syrotech OPM delivers high-performance “out of the box”, adhering to best practices helps obtain the most accurate measurements:

  • Always use launch and receive cables with connectors matching the OPM adapter. Avoid mismatches.
  • Thoroughly clean connectors before attaching them to OPM or inserting them into ports. Contamination skews results.
  • For maximum accuracy, take the average of multiple readings at a test point.
  • When testing at transmitters, use an attenuator to avoid overloading the OPM if power exceeds 26dBm.
  • Match OPM and light source wavelengths when calculating loss.
  • Recalibrate the OPM annually to ensure measurements remain within spec.

By following these guidelines, field techs can leverage the Syrotech OPM with confidence for fiber qualification, troubleshooting, and maintenance tasks.


Robust fiber networks require periodic power level testing to verify performance and pinpoint issues before they impact services. Syrotech’s OPM optical power meter provides an affordable yet high-accuracy field instrument for measuring power at critical points across the network.

With interchangeable connectors, long battery life, broad wavelength coverage, and a rugged portable design, the Syrotech OPM delivers essential capabilities for today’s FTTH, metro, access, data center, and CATV networks. Equipping technicians with these reliable power meters improves efficiency and helps maximize fiber reliability.

Does your team need optical power meters for upcoming fiber deployments, maintenance, or troubleshooting? The professionals at Eliza Infotech can help determine the right OPM models based on your requirements and budget. As an authorized Syrotech partner, we can provide quick delivery of the Syrotech OPM and other test tools you need to proactively maintain your fiber infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more.

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