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Finding the Right Syrotech EPON OLT Dealer for Your Network

Finding the Right Syrotech EPON OLT Dealer for Your Network

As demand grows for high-speed fiber broadband connectivity, Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) technology has emerged as an efficient and cost-effective solution. EPON uses fiber optic cabling and passive splitters to deliver up to 1Gbps bandwidth to residential and business subscribers.

A key component in these networks is the EPON Optical Line Terminal (OLT). This device acts as the central hub, managing communications between the provider’s core network and the customer premises equipment. With its reputation for reliable performance and competitive pricing, Syrotech’s EPON OLTs are a popular choice among Indian broadband network operators.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Syrotech’s GOPON-4OLT-L3 4-port and GOPON-8OLT-L3 8-port EPON OLTs. We’ll review the key features and specifications, and also discuss how to select the right dealer for your deployment and ongoing support needs.

Overview of Syrotech’s EPON OLT

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Syrotech offers an extensive portfolio of networking products including media converters, transceivers, Ethernet switches, IP cameras, routers, Wi-Fi devices, and EPON/GPON OLTs and ONUs.

Syrotech’s OLT lineup includes both indoor and outdoor models with capabilities to support from 4 up to 32 EPON ports. Their indoor rackmount OLTs like the GOPON-4OLT-L3 and GOPON-8OLT-L3 we’re covering here are designed for central office and wiring closet environments.

Some benefits that Syrotech OLTs offer include:

  • Cost-effective MPLS and IP-based triple-play services
  • High port density and uplink flexibility
  • Support for 1024 host routes and 512 subnet routes
  • Comprehensive VLAN, QoS, and security features
  • Intuitive CLI and SNMP management

Now let’s take a closer look at the specifications of these two popular EPON OLT models.

Syrotech GOPON-4OLT-L3 Overview

syrotech gpon 4 port olt

The GOPON-4OLT-L3 is Syrotech’s compact 1U rackmount OLT that provides 4 EPON ports supporting up to 256 ONUs. With its fanless silent operation, the GOPON-4OLT-L3 is well-suited for office LAN rooms and smaller network installations.

Some key features of this 4-port OLT include:

  • 4 x 1Gbps EPON ports with SC/APC connectors
  • Split ratio up to 1:64
  • SFP uplinks support 1000Base connections
  • 4 x 10/100/1000Base-T copper uplinks
  • 20km EPON transmission distance
  • Extensive L2/L3 capabilities like VLAN, QoS, IGMP v1/v2/v3
  • DHCP server, relay, and snooping functions
  • CLI, Telnet, SNMP based management
  • 19 inch rackmount form factor

With its capabilities supporting triple play IP services, the GOPON-4OLT-L3 provides an affordable OLT foundation for smaller community networks and multi-dwelling units. Let’s now examine the higher capacity 8-port model.

Key Features of the Syrotech GOPON-8OLT-L3

For providers that need to serve additional subscribers, the Syrotech GOPON-8OLT-L3 bumps up capacity to 8 EPON ports capable of addressing up to 512 ONUs. The GOPON-8OLT-L3 is equipped with:

  • 8 x EPON ports with integrated 1:64 splitters
  • 20km optical reach for long distances
  • 8 x SFP slots for 1GbE uplink flexibility
  • 8 x 10/100/1000Base-T copper uplinks
  • 42Mbps uplink bandwidth per EPON port
  • Distributed MPLS capabilities
  • Extensive L2/L3 feature set for QoS prioritization
  • 19 inch, 1U rackmount chassis
  • Internal redundant power supply

provides 8GE(copper) and 8SFP slots independent interface for uplink, and 8*EPON OLT ports for downstream. It can support 512ONUs under 1:64 splitter ratio.

With double the OLT capacity plus modular uplinks, the GOPON-8OLT-L3 can readily scale to serve larger subscriber bases through additional splitter ports.

Both of these Syrotech EPON OLT models deliver an attractive balance of affordability and reliable 1Gbps fiber access. Next let’s discuss important factors to consider when choosing the right OLT dealer.

Choosing the Ideal Syrotech OLT Dealer for Your Needs

While Syrotech EPON OLTs offer proven quality and capabilities, having the right local dealer to procure equipment and provide ongoing support is crucial. Here are key factors to evaluate when selecting your Syrotech OLT supplier:

  • Authorized partnership status – Confirm dealers are authorized Syrotech partners in order to receive proper warranty/RMA services and guaranteed genuine products.
  • Technical expertise – Choose a dealer with specialized knowledge of EPON networks and Syrotech OLT products that can provide pre-sales engineering assistance.
  • Local inventory – Having demo units and ample inventory available locally for prompt delivery should be a priority. This avoids long lead times from importing.
  • Competitive pricing – Reputable dealers with bulk buying power often offer significant discounts compared to direct OEM pricing.
  • Professional services – Select a dealer that can assist not just with fulfillment, but also design, configuration, installation, testing, and maintenance of your OLTs.
  • Training – Opt for dealers that offer ongoing Syrotech OLT training and certification to ensure your team is equipped to operate the network.
  • Maintenance programs – Dealers that offer comprehensive support contracts and SLA-based services help maximize uptime.
  • Financing facilitation – Some dealers provide financing assistance to help overcome capital expenditure hurdles for customers.
  • Local support – A dealer with a presence in your geographic region provides a quicker turnaround for technical support and service calls.

When evaluating Syrotech OLT dealers, initiate conversations to assess their experience, inventory, and capabilities related to the above criteria. Be sure to request 2-3 recent customer references to understand their track record. This due diligence helps avoid dealing with unauthorized sellers or partners that can’t deliver on their promises.


As EPON broadband demand accelerates across India, service providers are actively building out fiber access infrastructure. Syrotech’s GOPON-4OLT-L3 and GOPON-8OLT-L3 rackmount OLTs provide proven cost-effective 1Gbps EPON connectivity. Partnering with the right local dealer ensures easy procurement, discounted pricing, and ongoing support to maximize your network investment.

Does your organization need high-quality Syrotech EPON OLTs for an upcoming fiber deployment? The team at Eliza Infotech offers specialized expertise in Syrotech OLT solutions. As an authorized Gold partner, we maintain extensive inventory to fulfill orders promptly. Contact us today to learn more about the Syrotech EPON OLT models we offer and how we can deliver the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

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