The GOPON-8OLT-L3, part of Syrotech Networks Ltd.’s OLT (Optical Line Terminal) product line, is a versatile solution designed to meet the demands of modern network infrastructures. This OLT provides eight GE (copper) and eight SFP slots with independent interfaces for uplink, along with eight EPON OLT ports for downstream traffic. It’s specifically engineered to deliver high-performance, flexibility, and scalability for various networking applications.

Additional Features:

  • Layer 2 Switching: Provides robust support for Layer 2 switching with features like VLANs, port speed configuration, queue management, flow control, and ACL capabilities.

  • QoS Security: The GOPON-8OLT-L3 offers complete DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation) functionality and robust QoS (Quality of Service) services to meet various business flow requirements.

  • Easy-to-Use Management System: The OLT supports management through SNMP, Telnet, and CLI, simplifying device monitoring, configuration, and management.

  • Multicast Support: Features IGMP snooping and supports 256 IP Multicast Groups.

  • EPON Functionality: In compliance with IEEE802.3ah standard, it supports port-based rate limitation, data encryption, distance calculation, and more.

  • High Reliability: The OLT is designed with redundancy and specialized features to ensure system stability and reliability.

The GOPON-8OLT-L3 is a reliable and high-performance solution designed for service providers and businesses seeking scalability and versatility in their network infrastructures. It’s engineered to meet the needs of modern network applications while maintaining high reliability and performance. For more details or inquiries, please contact Syrotech Networks Ltd.


Syrotech – 8 Port OLT: Powering Your Network Infrastructure

In the world of modern communication networks, especially in the era of rapid data growth, having an efficient and scalable Optical Line Terminal (OLT) is essential. Syrotech Networks Ltd. steps up to the challenge by providing the industry with a state-of-the-art 8 Port OLT solution designed to cater to the growing demands of network infrastructure. This OLT product represents a comprehensive and sophisticated approach to building, maintaining, and expanding fiber-optic networks.

Unveiling the 8 Port OLT:

The 8 Port OLT from Syrotech Networks is a key component in the GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) ecosystem. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring high-speed data, voice, and video services are delivered to businesses, homes, and institutions reliably and efficiently. This OLT is a part of a new generation of network infrastructure technology that meets the most rigorous industry standards and delivers on the promise of high-performance fiber-optic networks.

Technical Marvel:

  • Flexible Configuration: The 8 Port OLT is designed to be highly flexible, offering eight Gigabit Ethernet (GE) uplink ports and eight SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) slots. The combination of copper and fiber interfaces makes it adaptable to a wide array of networking requirements.

  • Downstream Excellence: With eight EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) OLT ports for downstream data transmission, this OLT provides impressive bandwidth capabilities. It can handle the increasing volume of data traffic demanded by modern applications and services.

  • Scalable Performance: The OLT boasts the remarkable ability to support up to 512 ONUs (Optical Network Units) under a 1:64 splitter ratio. This scalability is a significant advantage in network design and expansion.

Meeting Industry Standards:

Syrotech’s 8 Port OLT adheres to the highest industry standards. Complying with ITU-T G.984/G.988 standards and Telecom industry GPON standards, it ensures network operators that their infrastructure is in line with the latest protocols and practices.

Advanced Layer 2 Switching:

The 8 Port OLT supports advanced Layer 2 switching, offering a wide range of features. It facilitates port aggregation, VLAN (Virtual LAN) management, port speed configuration, and sophisticated queue and flow control technologies. These features provide network administrators with the necessary tools to configure and manage their network as efficiently as possible.

Security and Quality of Service:

In addition to its impressive bandwidth and performance, the 8 Port OLT incorporates advanced security features. It offers Data Encryption and Access Control List (ACL) capabilities to safeguard data integrity and network security. Meanwhile, its support for different Quality of Service (QoS) levels ensures that different types of traffic receive the attention they deserve.

Intuitive Management:

Simplicity in network management is a priority for the 8 Port OLT. The product supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Telnet, and Command Line Interface (CLI) for device monitoring and configuration. This intuitive management system streamlines the operation of the OLT.

Reliability and Redundancy:

The OLT is built for reliability. It supports port isolation, storm control, and robust design to prevent system breakdowns. With the support of dynamic distance calculation and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), it maintains a stable system environment.


In a world increasingly dependent on high-speed data transfer, voice communication, and video streaming, the role of Optical Line Terminals has become pivotal. Syrotech Networks’ 8 Port OLT stands at the forefront of the industry, promising scalability, efficiency, and reliability. This OLT is an excellent choice for service providers and businesses seeking to build robust fiber-optic network infrastructures that meet the demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow.


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